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Cellular Therapy
Terapia Celular Terapia Celular

Medical technique that consists in implanting fetal lamb cells (mother cells) in the a human being, with the principle objective of revitalizing all damaged, dysfunctional or simply worn down cellular components due to age and usage. Returning vitality, youth and health to your life.

PAUL NIEHANS, Swiss M.D. discovered, by accident the beneficial effects of LIVE CELL THERAPY.

In 1931, Nihans, was called by a colleague that had eliminated accidentally the parathyroid gland of a patient during a thyroid surgery. Dr. Niehans, tried to transplant fresh parathyroid glands from a small calf (practice that was accepted in that era), but due to the lack of time to realize a transplant, he combined a portion of glandular tissue with saline solution and injected the patient, her seizures came to a halt and she recovered completely.

It’s not just applied in patients with chronic degenerative ailments, but also in healthy

individuals, who begin to suffer from fatigue, eyestrain, arthritis, decrease in libido, obesity, gastritis, lupus, fybromyalgia, scleroderma, etc.

It is the therapy of choice for a better quality of life and to remain young

Celullar therapy is preventive medicine, recommended to be applied in persons that desire increased health and well-being, without limiting age, since the younger generation in actuality is placed under rigorous stress situations..