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What is Hydrotherapy of the Colon or colonic?

It is a therapy that acts as a douche, that during 45 minutes ensures the distribuition of ozoned water in the colon, at a determined pressure and with a specialized canule. With luke warm water and specialized massages there is a mínimum of 15 liters of water introduced, without having to stand up or going to the restroom, this being, that the process is done through the disposable canule that does not permit the intermix of clean water with waste. It is noteworthy to mention that no water remains in your colon due to the emptying of waste products many times over during the session..


Important benefits of hydrotherapy on the colon:

· Elimination of pathogenic bacteria that cause flatulence .
· Elimination of parasites / worms .
· Regeneration of the intestinal flora.
· Decrease in diarrheas, due to virus, bacteria or parasites.
· Improvement in abdominal tone.
· Prevents colon cáncer.
· Helps in the treatments of lactose intolerance.
· Loss of volumen and light weight in overweight people with weight gain in the slender

for better assimilation of nutrients.
· Improvement or dissappearing of allergies.
· Sensation of better agility and well-being.
· Improves edemas and inflamatory gastrointestinal states.
· Very helpfull in treatment of chronic illnesses.
· Elimination of toxins ( de toxinas (essential and excellent results).
· Decrease in levels of colesterol and triglicerides.
· Improves sexual function.
· Stimulates immune system.
· Prevents infectious illnesses due to the improvement of the immunologic system.
· Prevents tumors.