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Magnetic bed
Cama magnética

The bed with Pulsating Magnetic fields, is designed for those people who want to maintain their health, to feel full of life. They act regenerating the cells and they accelerate the normal process of recovery.

The magnetic pulses act in deep structures and cross cellular membranes without damaging them, increase the sanguineous irrigation favoring the nutrition and oxygenation of weaves, also, produces a slight increase of the metabolism and helps to the elimination of toxins and free radicals. It regulates endocrine functions, it balances the vegetative-nervous system, it increases the capacity immunological, it favors the good operation of all the muscles.

The use of pulsating magnetic fields of low intensity, is an effective therapeutic method by its many actions, analgesic and anti-inflammatory, antioedematous. Analgesia, Inflammations, rheumatoid Arthritis, Osteoarthritis, Paralysis, degenerative Arthritis, nervous Migraine, Hemicranias, Injuries, post-traumatic States, postsurgical Neuralgias, States, Backache, Bursitis, Dislocations, Sciatic, chronic Pain, Osteoporosis, Alzheimer, Parkinson, etc.

For rheumatism, cardiovascular sport medicine, orthopedic surgery and rehabilitation, dermatology, problems, degenerative problems (muscular wearing down of joints, osteoporosis, pains), increase the oxygen concentration in the blood and muscles, the pulsating magnetic fields, are a method of Magnetic Therapy that combines the curative power of the magnetism with the technology, which is already are benefitting numerous people.

Cama magnética