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Q2 Therapy
Terapia Q-2

What is ion-water?

Ion-water is a therapy that is applied to a patient to detoxify the body of all types of toxins and renew health to our body.

How does it do it?

Its action is performed by means of electrolysis, which helps detoxify our cells and create an electromagnetic field that produces a bioenergetic stimulation.

Terapia Q-2

The ion-water makes by osmosis the expulsion of toxins from the body, fair to remember that introducing the feet in water with this new revolutionary system with mor than 2000 pores that we have on the soul of our feet, we achieve the elimination of toxins.

The benefits of its application.

• …if you do not suffer from a chronic illness or you feel fine, you will have more energy and the toxins that have not produced a chronic illness will be expelled. Prolonging your health.

• …if you already have a chronic illness, it is necessary to apply this therapy so that you may obtain:

• Greater vitality
• Pain relief
• Eliminate stress
• Reduce swelling
• Improve arthritis
• Blood problems
• Renal problems
• Skin issues.