La Flor de la Salud



Ozone has been used medically for a long period of time in various fields with excellent results.

To name a few areas are odontology, wounds and facial lesions, in colonic therapy, in anti-aging therapy and to improve cerebral circulation and recently in neurosurgery..

Ozone is made from medical steril oxygen and it’s uses have no side effects to the patient.

Once in the body it metabolizes into oxygen after fullfilling its function in the body.

Ozones increases local oxygen in wounds, accelerates wound healing, kills bacteria and virus and increases local temperatura, thereby, accelerating the curative metabolism..

It can be administered intravenous, intra-arterious, intramuscular, subcutaneous, as deposit in joints, intra-vaginally, rectally or rally..

Inhibition of growth has been observed in cancerous tumors of the lung, breast and cervical..

Ozonotherapy is currently the leading alternative for spinal disc herniation surgery..