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Neural Therapy
Terapia Neural

• Neural Therapy, treatment via the central nervous system, specifically in the vegetative, in which is found in a major manner in the skin.

• The interaction between mind, immune and nervous system, constitute the axis of our capacity for adaptation, a fundamental characteristic for survival, developed in the long evolution process.

• In turn, the nervous system is comprehended or utilized as an integrator of the different organs and tissues of our body. This becoming a network of information that gets relayed to all the cells via an extra-cellular matrix, known as basic substance.

• This makes any irritation that alters the properties of one part of the system (and its functions) will be affecting in its totality thereby feeling and appreciating the impacts in the area where there is a predisposition for dysfunction.

Terapia Neural


• Neural Therapy looks to neutralize these irritations that affect the neurovegetative tone, triggering or catalyzing the illness.

• This neutralization is achieved by applying a local anesthetic (generally procaine) in low dosages specifically in the areas where the vegetative nervous system has suffered aggression or lesion.

• Eliminating these blocks that alter the exchange of information and produce irritation stimuli to the nerve network, it is designed to renew the mechanisms of regulation so that the body can produce its own auto-curative reactions, develop their activity, and lead to a new order through its own vitality force. This is complemented with hygienic-natural measures.