La Flor de la Salud



The Biomagnetism has proven that applying magnets of a specific force and polarity on specific points of the body, you can accomplish in minimal time the extermination of virus, bacteria, fungus or parasites, that cause the majority of grave human illnesses, including some some illnesses that official medicine not always recognices a particular etiology like, diabetes, cancer arthritis, aids among others.

For those of us that have been fortunate enough to witness the results of Dr. Isaac Goiz’s Biomagnetism, can give faith that in a few sessions, a large porcentage of patients experience quick and noticeable improvements, that do not commonly seen with other treatments.


This is due, for the most part, in the annihilation of the elusive virus, that are, as we know difficult to treat in conventional medicine, and that only has success exterminating bacteria via antibiotics.